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Honor Academy is one the most reputable speech and debate academies in the country. We utilize small group settings for classes and offer exceptional educational advice for students for the duration of their high school careers.


Honor Academy is the premier speech and debate academy because of our expert faculty, curriculum design, and track record of success.

Students at Honor Academy participate in major speech and debate tournaments throughout the year. Tournament participation makes students more confident in their speech abilities and solidifies their argumentative skills. They compete with the name Honor Academy or their full time school name as their affiliated school, depending on tournament requirements. Please review the following information and complete the form below if you are interested in participation at an upcoming tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions


Most tournaments offer Middle School, Novice, and Varsity divisions. During speech and debate classes, we assess each student to determine which division they will be eligible to take part in prior to the tournament date. You may sign up for a tournament before the assessment is complete to ensure an opportunity to participate, and Honor Academy will issue a refund if we decide the student should switch to a different division or skip that particular tournament. Please contact us for more information about eligibility.


All schedules are tentative because tournaments often run behind schedule.

For one-day tournaments, all rounds are mandatory. Missing one round is considered a forfeit. After 4-5 preliminary rounds, rankings are announced based on the number of wins and speaker points.

Two or three day tournaments usually take place Sat–Sun, Sat–Mon, or Fri–Sun. These tournaments have preliminary rounds the first day and possibly the second day morning, making it 1.5 day commitment, and elimination rounds on the second or third days, making participation performance based.

Students may also have debate events on one day and speech events on a different day.

Registration Process

Every tournament has its own policies for managing registration. Some are simple, and others may require multiple documents. Tournaments may issue penalty fees for late requests. Honor Academy does not have control over tournament policies, and are required to follow them. Please review forms closely.

ONLINE Tournaments

Students can also compete in tournaments from home using a personal device. Most online competitions use a platform called NSDA Campus, developed by the National Speech and Debate Association. Students and judges have access to the video platform by logging in to (unless otherwise specified).

In-Person Tournaments

For in-person tournaments, please drop off your child 1 hour prior to the first round on each tournament day. If available, refer to the schedule. Parents do not need to stay with their student unless otherwise requested. We distribute additional tournament information via email prior to the event, with information about parking, meeting sites, and local restaurants.

Registration Request Forms

Please review the forms closely and fill them out.

2023 Chuck Ballingall Memorial Debate Invitational (Sep 23-24)


2023 Jack Howe Speech and Debate Tournament (Sep 30-Oct 1)


2023 Georgetown (Oct 6-7) ONLINE

Only Upon Request
Nationals bid for Public Forum.

2023 CSUF Fall (Oct 14-15) ONLINE

Middle School/Novice/Varsity
Debate and Speech (IE)
Nationals bid for Open Speech divisions (finalist) and open Public Forum (finalist)
We invite 5th and 6th graders to middle school SPAR division.


2023 Bargain Belt (Oct 21-22) In Person

Both speech and debate divisions in novice and open.
possibly nationals bid for Open Speech divisions

Please register through the following link. We will start the registration process once you complete the form.


Dempsey Cronin (November 11-13) ONLINE

Elementary / Middle School / HS Novice & Open
in both speech and debate divisions

We will offer this tournament to a limited number of our elementary students.


John Lewis Invitational (Nov 17-19) ONLINE

Debate and Speech (IE)


TOC Digital Series 1 (Dec 1-3) ONLINE

High School TOC Nationals bids offered to high places in both debate and speech
Offered to middle school and high school aged students
High school junior and senior allowed to judge in their lower level division


La Costa Canyon (Dec 1-3) In Person (La Costa Canyon High School)

High School Varsity ONLY
High School TOC Nationals bids offered to high places in both debate and speech

A sleepover tournament. We recommend parents come with debaters. If you prefer debaters stay by themselves, we need to book rooms for them in the same hotel where coaches are staying, and the amount will be divided by the number of students and charged to parents.


UCLA Invitational (Dec 2-3) ONLINE

IEs and Debates in Novice and Open

Hosted by Debate Union at UCLA. This seems to be their first year of holding this speech and debate tournament, and we have not decided if we go or not.


Damien Novice and Middle School Tournament (Dec 9) In Person

This tournament will be an one day tournament at Damien High School in La Verne. Debates ONLY. Middle School ONLY
High school senior allowed to judge


La Reina (Dec 9-10) ONLINE

IEs and Debates in all ages (elementary, middle school, high school)


College Prep LD (Dec 16-18) Tournament In Person/ONLINE (Hybrid)

LD Only. They might have both in person (in NorCal) and online divisions.
TOC Nationals bid for Varsity LD In Person
NSDA LD with no TOC bid for LD ONLINE


Peninsula Invitational (Jan 13-15, 2024) In Person

Both speech and debate divisions. Progressive style.
Nationals bids
Novice/Varsity for debate
Varsity ONLY for speech


Wolfpack (Feb 10-12) In Person

Claremont High School
JV / Open
both speech and debate
Nationals bid for Open Speech divisions

Double Flight


Stanford Invitational (Feb 10-12) ONLINE

Middle School/Novice/JV/Open/TOC in both speech and debate divisions
Nationals bids in most divisions.

Single Flight

Registration will be closed on January 18.



ONLINE: Public Forum
-Beginner (middle school or high schooler with less than 2 years of experience)
-Open (experienced high school competitors)



ONLINE: Middle School PF, JV LD, Elementary SPAR, JV IE(Speech)

In Person: Novice LD, Open LD, Open IE(Speech)


Cal Invitational (Feb 17-19) In Person at UC Berkeley

Both speech and debate divisions with nationals bids
High School Varsity students only

*We will offer this tournament to experienced high school competitors ONLY. If you are interested, contact us by JANUARY 5, 2024.


USC Trojan Invitation (Feb 23-26) In Person

Progressive Varsity LD ONLY.

*We won't send out a form. Contact your coach or BJ to discuss your participation.

TOC Digital Series 2 (Feb 23-25) ONLINE

Both speech and debate divisions with nationals bids
Students in 8th and above.

*The form is on the way this week (as of Feb 13, 2024)

Marlborough MS/Novice Invitational (March 2, 2024) In Person

PF and LD only.
Middle school or first year high school debaters only
In person in Los Angeles

LD & PF Schedule (Single-Flighted, Times PST)
9:00 Round 1
10:15 Round 2
11:30 Round 3
1:15 Round 4
2:30 Awards


Philhistorian (Mar 2-3) ONLINE

Elementary/Middle School/HS Novice/Open in both speech and debate divisions


TOC Digital Series 3 (Mar 8-10) ONLINE

Both speech and debate divisions with nationals bids


NSDA District Tournament (March-April 2024) In Person(TBD)

High School Students under their full time high school name only.
All the district tournaments happen in your local area.
An annual tournament to qualifier for the NSDA Nationals in June.

GEORGETOWN SPRING 2024 (April 5-7, 2024) ONLINE

PF and LD only.
PF: Middle school and High School(Novice, JS, Varsity)
LD: High School (Novice, JV)

Registration at

Wolfcub (April 20, 2024) In Person

This tournament holds both speech and debate divisions for middle school competitors, held in person at Claremont High School.
Saturday, April 20 only.
5th-8th graders may participate.

Registration at

Tournament of Champions (April 20-22) In Person

Nationals at University of Kentucky
Qualified high school students only

2024 CHSSA Middle School State Championship (April 26-28) ONLINE

Both IE and Debate.
Friday - Sunday Online.

Registration at

Marlborough 2 Middle School Tournament (April 27, 2024) In Person

PF (April topic) and LD (Jan/Feb topic) only
Middle School debaters only.

Registration at

Middle School TOC (May 3-5, 2024) ONLINE

National Middle School tournament.
All IE and debate divisions.


E Championship (May 3-5, 2024)

Online tournament at nationals level/size

Novice: open to first year competitors
Varsity: Has to qualify through previous bid tournaments or win at state level tournaments.

Entries must represent their full time high schools, not under Honor Academy

NSDA Nationals (June 16 - 21, 2024) In Person in Des Moines, IA

High School students qualified through NSDA district tournaments may attend under their full time high school name.

Entries must represent their full time high schools, not under Honor Academy

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