Creative Writing Summer Workshop

We are excited to bring back Honor Academy's Creative Writing Summer Workshop for the second year in a row! The Summer Workshop is a truly unique class that gives students the opportunity to write their own short stories and experience what it's like to prepare their writing to be professionally published. Whether they love books and want to write their own one day or they would do anything rather than pick up a pencil, creative writing is a great way to foster a student's reading and writing skills.

Our camps are available both IN PERSON and ONLINE.

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A Unique Chance for Students

Learn Everything From Drafting to Publishing

During Honor Academy's Summer Creative Writing Workshop, students will write their own short stories and learn how to put their ideas on the page. Students will read and study writing from a variety of authors, both classic and contemporary, to learn what makes a short story effective. Our three-week program is an immersive experience that is modeled off of professional, academic writing workshops. Not only will students write their own short story, our experienced tutors will guide them through the submission process and give them an opportunity to have their work published in a literary magazine of their choice.

Our Summer Creative Writing Workshop is a great way to teach critical reading and writing skills to a wide variety of students. With help from our tutors, who are experienced writers themselves, students will also join peer reviews and learn to give positive, constructive feedback to their classmates. This helps students develop their communication skills and give them a chance to learn from each other's mistakes. The Summer Creative Writing Workshop also encourages students to express themselves and write what they want to read, so they are always motivated and excited to come to class and work.

Honor Academy's Summer Creative Writing Workshop curriculum is flexible, prioritizing the interests and needs of our students. So while one session might focus completely on fantasy, another will focus on science fiction, and yet another might be a blend of different genres. By using this approach, we can ensure that no matter who joins our workshop, they will be able to reach their goals.

We hope to host **FOUR** two-week long sessions starting in late May and early August. Please be aware that some sessions may not be available if not enough students enroll. Classes will be for three hours every morning, Monday through Friday.

SESSION A: May 30-June 9, 9AM-12:20PM (Closed)
SESSION B: June 12-June 23, 9AM-12PM (Closed)
SESSION C: July 10-July 21, 9AM-12PM (Closed)
SESSION D: July 24-August 4, 9AM-12PM (Closed)

Tuition is $660 per session; that's only $22 per hour! Join and learn to be an amateur author at the ABOVE enrollment link!