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Summer Writing Workshop

During Honor Academy's Summer Writing Workshop, students will study how to write in a wide variety of styles. While we offer both essay writing and creative writing, that isn't all. Our program is flexible, prioritizing the interests and needs of the student. So while one session might focus completely on academic essays, another might focus on creative writing, and yet another might be a blend of the two. We understand that no two students are alike and aim to provide a truly unique experience that will help even the most reluctant student improve their writing skills.

Our camps are available both IN PERSON and ONLINE.

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Unique Writing Experiences for Each Students

We ensure success by meeting our students needs

Our Summer Writing Workshop is focused on two writing subjects: essay writing and creative writing.

During essay writing, students will learn how to write clear and concise five-paragraph academic essays. Our expert tutors will guide students through each step of the writing process and improve key writing skills like spelling, grammar, and essay structure. By the end of our workshop, students will be able to tackle a wide variety of essay styles with confidence, including persuasive, informative, and narrative with confidence. Our creative writing classes will teach students how to write their own stories and prepare them for publication. This is a great option for students who are reluctant writers or more artistic. Both classes will use peer reviews to encourage student participation.

We hope to host four two-week long sessions starting in early June until early August. Classes will run for three hours every morning, Monday through Friday.
SESSION A: June 3-June 14 | 9 AM-12 PM
SESSION B: June 17-June 28 | 9 AM-12 PM
SESSION C: July 8-July 19 | 9 AM-12 PM
SESSION D: July 22-August 2 | 9 AM-12 PM

**Please be aware that some sessions may not be available if not enough students enroll.**

$700 per two week session (approx. $23/hr)