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Honor Academy offers two major programs for academic tutoring: REGULAR TUTORING and DROP-IN TUTORING. With our regular tutoring program, each student has a scheduled weekly class session. Our drop-in tutoring is designed for students who need their tutoring sessions to be held at irregular times.

Regular Tutoring

Weekly classes for consistent support.

Students taking regular tutoring classes meet their tutors regularly in private one-on-one or small group classes. Whether a student needs help in their weakest subject or wants to get ahead of their peers, our classes will help them excel. Honor Academy provides each student a unique curriculum that fits their needs and closely monitors their development to ensure their academic success.

Most of our students and tutors meet once or twice a week depending on their availability and needs.

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Drop-In Tutoring

Academic assistance ready when you need it.

Our faculty are experts in their subject area and are excellent at helping students of any grade level, from elementary school through high school. With Honor Academy’s Drop-In Tutoring service, students can reserve a specific number of hours of assistance and use it when needed. That way, students can save time by avoiding a mandatory class when they do not need help and use more hours when they do, which also help parents save money by only paying for what they need.

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