Book Club

Honor Academy’s book club is a great way for younger students to hone their reading and writing skills in a fun and productive environment. Our book club guides students through books hand-chosen by our faculty to help them develop their critical thinking and analysis. Whether the student is a reluctant reader or a bookworm, Honor Academy’s book club prioritizes attention to detail and developing reading skills early on that will benefit them throughout their academic and professional life.


Honor Academy's book club helps students build and improve upon their reading and writing skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Our book club focuses on encouraging students to read closely and engage in active discussion rather than passively read the text. Small class sizes give each student a chance to speak and learn from their peers. Students will develop analysis and reading comprehension skills through a mix of discussions and written activities. Honor Academy also offers chapter-by-chapter reading comprehension and vocabulary worksheets, along with discussion questions for our books so parents can ensure their student keeps up with the assigned readings.

Through Honor Academy's book club, students are able to read from books that range in genre, time period, authorship, and style. From modern young adult novels like "The Hunger Games" to older classics like "The Chronicles of Narnia," there is something for every student. Our tutors discuss what book to choose with the students, ensuring that each class is engaged and interested.

Book Club Benefits

Reading Comprehension

Through guided reading, students develop a greater understanding of character, plot, and theme. This provides them with the skills to read increasingly complex texts both inside and outside of the classroom.

Analytical Skills

Book club gives students the chance to stretch their analytical skills and interact critically with a text. As students get older, these skills will become increasingly important and having a strong foundation gives them the best chances at success.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Guided group discussion about the books gives students a structured space to communicate their opinions in a way that is academic and critical. Even the shyest student will be encouraged to speak up and express themselves.

Appreciation for Novels

Honor Academy provides the opportunity to read novels with a wide range of genres, subject matter, and complexity. This allows the students to develop a newfound appreciation for books that they may not have chosen to read otherwise.

Communication Skills

Regular reading and participating in writing exercises helps to improve grammar and spelling. Honor Academy also supplies supplementary materials to assist students’ with these skills.

Involved Activities

Students are given activities tailored to the book they are reading in order to help them engage more deeply with the text and the complex craft of writing. This also helps reluctant readers feel motivated to work harder.

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