Although math is an important subject, it is a continuous challenge for many students. Unfortunately, the United States is facing a shortage of quality math teachers in schools. Honor Academy is here to fill in the gap and provide our students with high-quality math education for all grade levels. By mastering math, students will have opportunities in top tier colleges and emerging STEM professions. Both mathletes and the number-averse will come away from each tutoring session with tangible results.

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The Honor Academy Advantage

At Honor Academy, our tutors have a real passion for math.

We believe that math is not only important for academic success, but an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Our approach to teaching math emphasizes individualized learning, and we work with each student to focus on their weaknesses rather than regurgitate what they are already learning in school. Students will also learn how math can be applied outside of the classroom, giving them a greater appreciation for math and motivating them to continue improving. Plus, our well-designed math materials will be provided with no extra charge.

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