Drop-In Tutoring

Tutoring that works with your schedule

Our faculty are experts in their subject area and are excellent at helping students of any grade level, from elementary school through high school. With Honor Academy’s Drop-In Tutoring service, students can reserve a specific number of hours of assistance and use it when needed. That way, students can save time by avoiding a mandatory class when they do not need help and use more hours when they do, which also help parents save money by only paying for what they need.

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Advantages to Drop-In Tutoring

Get help when you need it, no matter the subject.

Students can get help with their homework, prepare for upcoming quizzes, tests, or essays, and ask questions that might be ignored in a typical classroom setting. Regardless of your specific needs, our faculty will develop an individualized tutoring lesson to help your or your child meet your exact educational goals in a supportive and fun environment.

When students book a tutoring session with Honor Academy, they can choose the time and tutor that best fits their needs for that day. All of Honor Academy’s tutors are happy to answer any questions and will work with the student to ensure they leave each session knowing something new. Tutors can also provide supplementary work for students who are ahead of the curb and want to prepare for more rigorous college coursework.