English & Writing

Reading and writing are fundamental skills that are essential for academic and professional success. Strong writing skills are one of the most desired qualities sought by employers across different professions. Not only that, but strong analysis and writing skills will help students improve their communication and critical thinking. By taking our regularly scheduled English classes, students will receive personalized feedback from tutors that improves their reading and writing skills without losing their individual voices.

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The Honor Academy Advantage

No matter what you are struggling with, Honor Academy has a large variety of resources that can help.

As a student at Honor Academy, you have access to resources which include but are not limited to: worksheets on grammar and sentence structure, activities to improve vocabulary, passages for practicing analysis, and topics for every kind of essay. Tutors integrate these worksheets and activities into their lessons, helping students put their skills into practice and honing in on where students should focus their efforts for the best results. These materials emphasize understanding and critical thinking, rather than simply finding the correct answer.

At Honor Academy, we believe in accessibility to education and that's why we provide our worksheets free of charge for our students.

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