SAT/ACT Crash Course

The SAT can be extremely stressful for students, and although there are many resources for SAT & ACT test prep, students still need someone who can appropriately guide them through the pages and pages of material.

That's where Honor Academy's SAT & ACT Crash Course wants to help! Our crash course is a two-month summer class that is designed to help students learn the best strategies for navigating the SAT & ACT tests. We use the most trusted resources out on the market and Honor Academy's trademark student-focused approach to education to help achieve maximum results.

Classes are offered both In-Person and Online

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Comprehensive Test Preperation

Techniques and Skills to Master the SAT/ACT

The SAT & ACT tests, although they differ slightly, have the same purpose: to make sure that a student has a strong grasp of key academic concepts that should have learned in high school. But the questions on these tests can often be confusing and wordy, puzzling even the brightest of students. At Honor Academy, we want to help demystify the SAT & ACT test and give students the test-taking skills necessary to achieve their goals. Our two month long SAT & ACT Crash Course is devoted to teaching students how to read tricky questions, find the best answer, and manage their time.

Our summer SAT/ACT program will be meeting twice a week for 8 weeks.

We will guide students through each step in the test-taking process: from choosing which exam to take (or whether they should take both) to what they should do the night before their test, Honor Academy's tutors provide students with all the skills they need. Unlike a conventional class where individual students' get lost in the crowd, our small class sizes ensure that students are getting valuable feedback that addresses their unique needs. This is a rigorous course that is meant to push students to improve. They will be given practice tests of homework so 100% of their class time is dedicated to going over common mistakes and learning new skills. Whether a student is preparing to take their first test or reviewing for their third, the SAT & ACT Crash Course benefits all students.

Classes will be 2 hours twice a week for 8 weeks. Students will be split into two groups that will meet on opposite days:
GROUP A: Monday, Wednesday 9AM-11AM
GROUP B: Tuesday, Thursday 9AM-11AM

The schedule is still flexible so please reach out to us if you have any questions!

We are offering a flat rate of $160/week for each student. All materials will be provided by us at no extra charge!