Creative Writing

Honor Academy sets itself apart from other tutoring centers by offering creative writing classes for our students. In this class, students work with tutors and a small group of peers to learn the basics of writing short stories, giving peer review, and submitting work to literary magazines. From formatting, to lectures on structure, grammar and spelling, writing CVs, and more, our tutors will guide students to improve, not only as storytellers, but writers across all disciplines.


Honor Academy's creative writing class offers students a unique opportunity to improve reading and writing skills.

At Honor Academy, we commit ourselves to providing students with a wide variety of services so they have the best possible chances of success. Creative writing is a great way for students who struggle with concentrating on academic essays to build key writing skills, like spelling, grammar, structure, and problem-solving. By allowing students to express themselves and write about topics that interest them, they are more motivated in the classroom.

Our tutors are writers who have been in many creative writing classes themselves and are published in magazines, journals, and online publications. They are dedicated to helping students build their writing skills through self-expression and treat them with the same respect they would give another author.

The Benefits of Creative Writing

Improve Academic Writing

Students who do creative writing are constantly exercising their spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and other key writing skills. By giving them the freedom to write about what they want in a structured academic environment, students are highly motivated and improve through consistent, guided practice.

Close Reading

By learning to approach stories from a writer’s perspective, students will gain a greater insight into the authors they are reading in school or in another Honor Academy class. This helps them become critical readers and understand text from a new angle.

Problem Solving Skills

As writers, students are challenged to fix issues in their stories like plot holes or under-developed characters. Tutors do not simply tell the students how to fix these issues, but encourage students to find creative solutions.


Unlike academic essays, creative writing lets students explore a wide variety of topics they might be interested in without feeling stifled by rules or restrictions. This gives students a healthy, cathartic way to tackle their own anxieties or thoughts on what is happening in their lives.

Key Communication Skills

Students will not only have to express themselves through their stories but participate in peer reviews. Through these exercises, students will learn to be thoughtful with their words and stay respectful even while giving criticism.

Self Confidence

All creative writing students will participate in peer review where they learn how to give and receive constructive feedback. This helps students build a stronger understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses without feeling personally offended, opening a door to greater growth.

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