Math Summer Crash Course

Do you feel like nothing in math seems to add up? Do you feel like you only understand a fraction of what you go over in class? Or maybe, you just want to be ahead of the curve.

Honor Academy is excited to announce that in addition to our regular math classes, this year we will have summer crash courses in a wide variety of math subjects! These two-month long classes are a great way to review or prepare for middle to high school level math classes. Taught by our expert tutors, our summer crash course emphasizes helping you understand concepts and feel confident tackling any problem on any test.

We will be offering crash courses in: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus
Both In-Person and Online

Support for Students of All Levels

Review Old Material & Prepare for the Fall

At Honor Academy, our goal has always been helping students fully understand the material they are learning. Too many students memorize the material only to forget it in a matter of weeks. This is not only inefficient, it means that as the subject becomes more complicated, students will have a harder and harder time in the classroom.

Our summer crash courses in math aim to fix this by giving students an in-depth overview of complicated math subjects from algebra all the way up to calculus. Students will work with our expert tutors to address common misunderstandings and gain a more thorough understanding of key mathematical concepts like variables, graphs, and more. Each crash course is taught with our trademark student-first approach, ensuring that students will learn something new every time they attend class.

Whether your student is still struggling with what they learned last year or they want to get ahead of the curve, Honor Academy's math summer crash course is a comprehensive class that is perfect for reviewing or preparing. We don't want your student to just understand the material, we want them to succeed!

Our summer crash course will last for 2 MONTHS. Each class will be 1.5 hours long & held twice a week. Once you enroll your student in a crash course, we will schedule their class and then they will need to attend all the scheduled number of classes to complete the course.

Prices will vary depending on the subject and the student's grade level such as middle school, high school, or AP.