Speech & Debate

Tournament Results

2022 Middle School TOC Hosted by UK

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Doubles (A. Nacham)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Doubles (D. Maheshwari)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Triples (D. Shin)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 6th Speaker (D. Maheshwari)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 7th Speaker (A. Nacham)

2022 National Online Forensics Championship

High School Interp – Bronze (S. Oh)

High School Impromptu – Bronze (S. Oh)

2022 La Reina Spring Invitational (April 3-4, 2022)

Public Forum Debate – 1st Place (S. Bidani & T.

Public Forum Debate – 3rd Speaker (S. Bidani)
Public Forum Debate – 1st Place (S. Bidani & T.

2022 Marlborough Middle School Invitational 2 (March 26, 2022)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 8th Place (K. Han)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 10th Place (K. Hur)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 11th Place (A. Nacham)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 12th Place (D. Shin)
Public Forum Debate – 2nd Place (A. Jung & A.

Public Forum Debate – 4th Place (A. Lee & C.

Public Forum Debate – 7th Place (S. Devidi & H.

Public Forum Debate – 2nd Speaker (A.

Public Forum Debate – 4th Speaker (A. Jung)
Public Forum Debate – 5th Speaker (A. Lee)
Public Forum Debate – 7th Speaker (C. Park)

Please congratulate Honor Academy's current high school students who qualified for the State Championships and the Nationals in 2022!

The State Championships

  • E. Baek (Cypress HS)
  • O. Katre (Cypress HS)
  • J. Kim (Cypress HS)
  • J. Lea (Oxford Academy)
  • V. Dara (Oxford Academy)
  • D. S. Semcheshen (Oxford Academy)
  • S. Oh (Sunny Hills HS)
  • D. Kim (Los Alamitos HS)

The NSDA Nationals

  • D. Kim (Los Alamitos HS)

The Tournament of Champions Nationals

  • A. Park (Troy HS)

2022 California Invitational Berkeley Debate (Feb 19-21, 2022)

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Double Octofinalist (V. Dara)
Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Triple Octofinalist (A. Park)