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Terra Nova [breaking new ground]

Terra Nova: Breaking Ground

There is a group on campus known as Terra Nova. This group however, is not a “group.” It is an opportunity.


The vision behind Terra Nova is to break new ground. It is being used to break new ground in the spiritual growth of interns on campus.


Terra means earth

Nova means light

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The Most Vital Time of day…


The most vital part of your day is quiet time. A quiet time is  time spent with God to understand who He is and how much He loves you. The end goal is to know Christ better.

There is not a specific routine required for a great quiet time. However, It helps to have …

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New Addition to Honor Academy: The Prayer Room

The Honor Academy has set aside a room on campus that anyone can go to and pray and spend time with Lord in worship 24 hours a day. Partnering with our School of Worship we have undergrad bands that are …

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