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A Panamanian answers the question: “What is a man?”

What is a Man?

A man doesn’t just get old; He attains wisdom.

A man knows when to leave childish games behind.

A man doesn’t act tough all the time. He lets his tears fall.

A man suffers pain, gets up, and is grateful to live another day.

A man’s word is not just words. …

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What is Passion?

What is Passion?

Passion is a strong feeling or desire. (such as love or hate) Many of us have strong feelings about orphans, abortion, and human trafficking. These issues stir up a passion inside of us; either love for the victim or hate over the injustice. Often times this passion leads us to DO something. …

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One year ago…

One year ago I made the seven hour drive to Garden Valley, Texas. With anticipation, I turned my 1988 Dodge Dakota into the gates of Teen Mania’s Honor Academy. I entered these gates with the intention of serving God and bringing salvation to America through the lives of teenagers.

My life goal is …

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January, a time of new beginings

Picture of Honor Academy balloon

After the Honor Academy’s one year internship, the word “January” will never be the same again. Most students view January as the month of change and new beginnings. For a select group of Godly young men and women this month will mark the beginning of the most impactful year of their life.

Tomorrow young people …

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Phoenix Acquire the Fire

This is counted among one of the best weekends of my life. The Phoenix Acquire the Fire went off without a hitch and the entire atrium was nearly packed out! There were so many young people, old people, parents, youth pastors, volunteers and even children. I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to go …

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Norway Adventure Trip

The Norway Adventure trip was originally created as a School of Worship tour around Norway. Last year, I had the extraordinary pleasure of going on the Norway trip and seeing more incredible things than I ever thought I could in my life. Our tour included many stops at many beautiful cities and meeting many amazing …

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Holiday Season

It’s that blessed time of year…

This is a time when life begins to slow down. Families begin to come together and the fast pace of our lives is put on hold as more important things come to mind. This is the time when we remember where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re …

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Fasting LTE

The Fasting LTE is a weekend of intense worship. That’s one of the main things I always remember about it. All emotion you can imagine is brought to the surface during this weekend of set-apart devotion.


Nick Angstadt—“ I was thrown into some different situations and challenges in my third time doing the LTE,

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Men’s and Women’s LTE

The highly favored Men’s and Women’s LTE was an incredible weekend of rugged manhood, graceful femininity, and a whole lot more fun than any intern could have anticipated!

On the women’s end, it began with two incredible sessions with Lisa Bevere. With time in between each session to soak in what was said, the girls …

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John and Lisa Bevere

John Bevere is a famous public speaker and co-founder of John Bevere Ministries and Messenger International with his wife Lisa. This past weekend, they came to Teen Mania to heighten the experience of the Men’s and Women’s LTE with their wisdom.

When they first arrived and Mr. Bevere addressed us in chapel, there wasn’t a …

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