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April Fools Day


April Fools is a day to fool and be fooled. This is what we did to “fool” our core advisor, Tatiana Diaz, at the Honor Academy’s Christian internship.

Tatiana (also known as Taty) hates pink!




Knowing this we pulled out our bottle of pink paint and gathered sheets of paper. After shutting and LOCKING the door our core started writing words on the sheets of paper. Words such a PINK and words that our core says alot like “legit.” We also wrote inside jokes like “Obnoxious” “Tile Floors” “Who is he?” We also wrote words that described Taty like “Wise” and “Compassionate.” While painting these signs we hear a knock at the door.



Hurry!…Hide them!


We look around our room and the floor is covered with pink signs. We place them all on the very top bunk next to the wall. Upon opening the locked door, Taty is there to say “goodnight.” We all grin ear to ear because she has no idea what’s in store for her.


Taty is #1 core advisor


The next day we get up really early and go to her Global Expeditions work desk…

Empty Desk


We then begin to COVER her desk with the notes…

Tatiana Diaz













And one more thing….We made shirts! On the front there was a heart with Taty’s name and on the back was our room number 2101. We all wore these identical shirts and on Taty’s chair we laid a shirt for her to wear as well. Taty said it was a little weird walking around campus with a shirt that said,” I love Taty.”




Needless to say we totally blessed (or fooled) our core advisor on April Fools!


and the culprits…

Sarah Tapp




Sarah Tapp









Beckie Santana





Beckie Santana











Shekinah Heinritz














Hailey Burger









and together we are called….





  • Rebeca Santana

    :) love it

  • Shekinah Heinritz

    Happy April fools, taty!

  • Sarah Tapp


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