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Life on the Road


Yesterday, I woke up at your average truck stop, and my first thought was, “Where am I?” No, I wasn’t kidnapped, I hadn’t had too much partying last night, it’s just my life. I went to sleep somewhere in Colorado and now, I could be anywhere between there and Pennsylvania. Maybe I’m in Kentucky. I look out at the bare landscape, where the lonely truck stop is situated in the middle of nowhere and I think, “Yeah, this looks Kentucky-ish.” A short bathroom stop later, and we’re rolling down the highway again.


This is the life of the Acquire The Fire ministry team.


About half the team is occupying themselves with an assortment of iPods and books and things. The camera op crew is rocking out with their 5-way splitter to the latest dubstep dance music. My bunk buddy is a couple of rows back, watching a movie on someone’s laptop. Smiling to myself, I roll over and drift back off to sleep, lulled by the swaying, rolling, bump of a tour bus on the highway.


Thursday comes quickly, and for us this means dropping it into high gear. The “weekend” of relaxed travel is over and we have 35 hours to set up the best youth conference most people have ever seen. Our team of thirty odd young adults, most of us under the age of 25, with only 6 weeks of semi-professional training and a dozen events under our belts, are about to do something that takes at least as many fully trained, degreed and certified professionals to do. (And personally, I think we do it better.)


It’s because we’ve got something that they don’t. We’re working for the Lord. Every single one of us volunteered for this life. First, we gave a year to train in leadership and to connect our hearts with the Lord through the Christian internship at the Honor Academy. Now, we’re giving another year, one of little sleep, 45-50 hour work-weekends, and a home on wheels, just so that ours could be the voices and hands that brought people into an encounter with their Creator. Whether we’re setting up and perfecting the customer’s experience, or flying thousands of pounds of audio and lighting equipment into the air to ready the show, we all know that, with every task, we’re working alongside our King.


Our motivation comes from seeing the power He puts behind our efforts. So far, during the tour I’ve seen tens of thousands of teens, lost in awe and sobbing in wonder of the presence of the Almighty for hours on end. I’ve seen the Lord bring miraculous healing to an a lady through the prayer of one of my teammates. I’ve seen the floors crowded with people dedicating the rest of their lives to the Lord. We’re on the front lines. Someone once said, “I count it all as naught but for the privilege to strive alongside my Lord.”  Each week, hundreds of people add their lives to the team pushing to further the kingdom. The average attendee is about 20 years old and will live to be 60. Each week, we add 175 million man hours to the work of the Kingdom. An Acquire the Fire event takes about 2500 man hours to execute. Imagine the possibilities. When the Lord is for us, who can be against us?


We of the Acquire the Fire Ministry Team are running the race set before us. The pain that life inflicts fades into vapor as soon as we see the potential before us. The harvest is plentiful, add your name to the workers.



Peter Douglas

Written by Peter Douglas

Acquire the Fire Merchandise Manager

  • Danielle Tramontozzi

    This is an amazing description. Thank you Peter for writing. 

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