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Acquire The Fire


Christian teens in America attend church while also being bombarded by the world. Teens try to maintain a Christian life by attending youth group, reading the Bible, praying before meals, and thanking God for success. But sometimes a burning fire or passion is missing. What if something could be done? What if there was a way to help Christian teens maintain the Christian life? What if there was a catalyst to help teens acquire the fire of God?


In 1986, Ron and Katie began traveling across America to rally teenagers with the vision of forsaking the American dream to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. In 1990, these events were called “Beach Bash.” Ron Luce would set up sound boxes in churches, play guitar, sing and teach for a whole weekend. These small church rallies grew into stadium events with several speakers and bands. (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Skillet, and many more) These events started out reaching 7,000 people per year but has since grown to reaching over 250,000 people every year. These events are known today as Acquire The Fire. Teens encounter Acquire The Fire of God.


Acquire The Fire is a 27 hour annual youth conference hosted in over 30 major cities in the USA.

The rallies bring hundreds of church groups together from all kinds of evangelical backgrounds to focus on inspiring local youth to a greater love and passion for the Lord. Youth are challenged to grow in their faith through intense worship, spiritually charged drama, and life changing messages.


The School of Worship lead teens in worshiping God in spirit and in truth. The heart behind worship is to provide a one on one encounter with God. There are times that worship is extended as God moves in the hearts of the youth.



Acquire The Fire has a new theme every year. Some past themes have been:


Normal’s Not EnoughNormal's Not Enough






Let Your Voice Be Heard



A live drama is created around these themes. Teenagers are able to relate with the characters in the drama. The drama deals with real issues teens are facing: relationships, cutting, suicidal thoughts…etc.


Speakers such as Joel Johnson, John Gray, Mike Guzzardo, talk about the hard subjects bombarding teens today.


Acquire The Fire also provides Parent/Youth Pastor training. This training addresses current issues to empower youth workers to bring healing and restoration to the lives of their teens. It helps parents relate and address the difficult issues their teenagers face. It gives clear teaching for parenting in a culture that is bent on destroying their kids.


Over 2.7 million students, many with their parents and youth leaders, have attended an Acquire The Fire event in their community.


Comment below if you’ve attended an Acquire The Fire in your city and let us know where!



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